Moving Home?

Changing all your locks is easily overlooked when moving home, but just think how many people could have duplicate keys to your new home? We strongly recommend changing your locks for your safety and your peace of mind.

Why Change The Locks?

Moving home can be a highly stressful experience so it is no surprise that securing your doors and windows by changing the locks is often overlooked. However, unless you knew and completely trusted the previous tenants it is unlikely you really know how many sets of keys were cut and are in circulation.

Key Cutting Service

Key Cutting Service

According to Home Office statistics, homes are almost twice as likely to be burgled in the 12 months after moving house compared with the average burglary rate (4.6% compared with 2.5%). You are nearly three times as likely to be burgled compared with those who have occupied their property for 10 years or more (4.6% compared to 1.6%).

Surelock Solutions can change locks on external doors and windows to conform to British Standards. At Surelock Solutions we a provide a professional, reliable service and can arrange a visit at a time and date that is convenient to you. Call us on 01273 476067.

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